Bavarian Friends & Members to develop WYA in Germany!

WYA Training Weekend – Munich

For a Full Report in German, please click here to access the Bericht über das WYA Trainingswochenende

Members and friends of the WYA from Bavaria attended a cocktail presentation and weekend training session at a wonderful venue in Munich on 4th to 6th May 2007. The training session included detailed discussions on the dignity, freedom and solidarity – the core ideas of WYA.

Participants gained an insight into recent advocacy work and challenges to human dignity at the European institutions by studying amendments, WYA briefings and background texts related to human animal hybrids, commercialisation of the human body, germ-line intervention and the principle of subsidiarity in the context of a new EU authorisation procedure for products including products derived from embryo research. Participants also had the exclusive opportunity to listen to the speeches of Members of the European Parliament who recently addressed WYAE’s conference on ‘Europe’s Fragile Conscience’. We were privileged to welcome Professor Saatkamp on Saturday afternoon for a very informative and interactive session on Project Management. The Saturday session ended with a film night and discussion on the witness of Sophie and Hans Scholl & the Weisse Rose movement. On Sunday, participants thoroughly enjoyed a Weisswurst brunch which culminated in a reading and discussion of a very insightful fable by Leszek Kulakowski and sharing of experiences from the weekend. Participants enjoyed the weekend so much that they agreed that they would meet every other Wednesday from now on in order to continue their discussions, using Track A training texts as a foundation.

WYA Donor Association

Prior to the training weekend, friends and supporters of WYA attended a private lecture and presentation with the staff of the European Regional Office of WYA and founding members of a new Forderverein established by Prof Karl Graf von Ballestrem. If you have supported the WYA in recent years or are interested in becoming more involved, please consider joining this new association which has been established to support the ongoing work of WYA. We would be honoured to have you work more closely with us. More details are available from Special thanks to all those who planned, prepared and hosted the events of the weekend: without such people, the continued work of WYA in Europe would not be possible. We are looking forward to continuing our important work together!