Beware of People Using WYA Name Without Authorization

This is to notify that there is currently no existing "WYA Pakistan" chapter accredited by World Youth Alliance (WYA). It has come to our attention that there are individuals who have been using the name of our organization without proper authority.  No seminars, training or cultural events conducted under the "WYA Pakistan" name are recognized as official WYA activities. Also, we currently do not have an official "WYA-Pakistan"  Facebook page. Please do not follow messages or posts found in this link as they are be erroneous and using our name illigally. Note that to be able to use the branding of WYA, you must get full authorization from the our Regional Staff in Manila or another regional office if not from Asia.

An official WYA Chapter refers to an office or unit which undertakes and implements activities in furtherance of the mission of WYA within a locality. Chapters may engage in membership drives, education programs, training, research and publication, marketing, networking, advocacy, support services, fundraising and cultural events within its community. Official representatives of the chapters have to finish the Track A Training program and go through the process of chapter accreditation under the Regional Director of Asia Pacific. Please, for countries in Asia, including Pakistan. Note that "WYA Pakistan" did not go through this process. We do not know them and we can not guarantee the correctness of the information they are disseminating.

If you notice any suspicious activity on-line or in your community under the name "WYA Pakistan", please notify us immediately via email at: If you wish to start an official WYA chapter in your local area, you may email us as well. Our staff would be glad to assist you in starting your Track A Training and provide more information about chapters.