Bringing WYA Closer to the Filipino Youth: Welcoming the Philippine National Committee

World Youth Alliance believes in the youth’s potential. Their meaningful participation in international dialogue, policy, and sustainable development efforts is a treasure and a valuable resource in any nation. One of the ways we value and harness the youth’s potential at WYA is by giving our members a platform to make impact happen through WYA Chapters and National Committees.

National Committees (NCs) are officially organized groups led by and composed of WYA Certified Members who implement activities and projects in support of WYA’s mission. NCs typically focus their work on specific areas or strategic goals such as expanding educational programs like the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) and the Certified Training Program (CTP). In effect, they are able to localize efforts, hit concrete benchmarks for WYA, and ultimately, amplify our impact within their home country.

This year, WYA welcomes a new batch of committed members as the WYA Asia Pacific region re-opens the Philippine National Committee (PNC) in its regional home base, the Philippines. The appointed members have been selected by WYA staff given their active involvement in WYA, display of leadership skills, and overall character.

Get to know the 2018-2020 Philippine National Committee Officers and their vision for WYA in the Philippines:

“I hope to spend my term as National Coordinator building the PNC to have a strong internal and external structure, having a vast network of supportive connections, and expanding the number of our WYA members and friends. I’d like to open communication channels between all existing and aspiring WYA chapters, foster more activities for member development, and create more opportunities for those within our reach, not just our members, to be socially aware and involved in policy development, and project management and implementation.”

Julia Umapas, PNC Coordinator
Graduate, WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2017
Volunteer, Human Dignity Curriculum



“I envision the PNC to be a dynamic and active team which reaches out to the grassroots level by partnering with existing local youth organizations so as to further promote human dignity. In our capacity as officers, I would also like the PNC to reach out to various LGUs across the country so as to deepen the government officials’ understanding and appreciation of human dignity.”

Immanuelle Anne Ocaya, PNC Secretary
Graduate, WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2018



“As the PNC – Education Committee Head, I hope that I can contribute to the team by initiating projects that aim to educate young people through the Certified Training Program and through the Human Dignity Curriculum and by engaging various Filipino youth organizations/institutions to be involved in WYA’s advocacy work. It is my hope [that] these programs will translate more conscious members of the youth sector who will [choose to] practice freedom for excellence as a way of life.”

Angelo Roxas, Education Committee Head
Graduate, WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2015



“I envision the PNC as a platform for discussing human rights issues that are exclusive to the Philippines, as well as a committee that can better analyze and take into account specific cultural characteristics when implementing the Human Dignity Curriculum. During my term with the PNC, I hope to help implement free overview lectures about the HDC in marginalized communities. I think the committee can best accomplish this by strengthening our ties with the schools and communities that are already implementing the HDC, and through their help, tapping those nearby communities who are in most need of the program.”

Karen David, Education Committee Deputy
Graduate, WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2018 


 “As the Head for the PNC Membership Committee, I hope to take a more gradual approach in gathering members by setting up achievable targets for each WYA booth we set up when we start partnering with various student organizations in their respective events. Likewise, I also hope to apply the same steady approach when creating partnerships, beginning with schools here in Metro Manila. Then, as we cultivate an active membership with the WYA community here, then we can start expanding our reach.”

Vince Miro Nieva, Membership Committee Head
Alumnus, WYA Europe Internship 2017
Representative, International Solidarity Forum 2016
Alumnus, WYA Asia Pacific Internship 2015
Graduate, WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2015


“I aspire for WYA to be at the forefront of gathering the youth to discuss not just global issues but local issues relevant in their respective localities. I hope to accomplish the goal of not just acquiring 1000 WYA members but establishing new WYA chapters in places where human dignity is compromised. Impoverished communities deserve to know their value and worth as a human being.”

John Christian Alvarez Trigo, Membership Committee Deputy
Graduate, WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2017
Graduate, WYA Asia Pacific Chapter Leadership Training 2017



“The PNC will bring WYA closer to more Filipino youth. I envision it to be a platform wherein those who previously participated in WYA projects and programs can advance and concretize their ideas with a special focus on solving problems in the context of the Philippines. The PNC will expand such projects to more Filipino youth from different walks of life and make it more accessible to them and it will also create new partners for WYA.  I’m looking at raising visibility and interest in WYA and what it does in areas/cities/provinces outside of WYA’s usual reach, as well as help support fundraising for the Human Dignity Curriculum.”

Stacey Nicole Bellido, Communications Committee Head
Representative, Global Youth Trends Forum in Taiwan 2018
Facilitator, WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2017
Alumna, WYA Asia Pacific Internship 2016
                                                          Volunteer, Human Dignity Curriculum 2016


I’m inclined to believe that my involvement with WYA, alongside my previous local and international youth exchanges and conferences, created that “youthquake” in me. As empowered as I may have become, I felt some kind of moral obligation to interact with and speak up for my fellow youth, and help further promote WYA’s philosophy, principles, and work. It is in the Filipino spirit of “Bayanihanihan” that we would like to develop and welcome our fellow Philippine-based WYA Members and Friends who are willing to assist and facilitate prospective affiliations which shall significantly benefit both parties, and the organization as a whole.”

John Santeo Tamayo, Externals Committee Head
Representative, Global Youth Trends Forum in Taiwan 2018
Graduate, WYAAP Summer Camp 2018


“I envision [the PNC] to not only equip Filipinos with the knowledge of human dignity, but to also be the stepping stone for service and cause them to be conscious of their actions. This is all rooted in my passion for service, especially for the youth, because of what our national hero, Jose Rizal, has once said, “The youth is the hope of our future.” In line with this, what really attracted me to WYA was its advocacy to equip young people to discuss and act on important issues that we are currently facing.”

Simoné Jalbuena, Externals Committee Deputy
Vice President, WYA Assumption College San Lorenzo Club
Facilitator, WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2018
Graduate, WYA International Summer Camp 2017
Graduate, WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp 2017


The Philippine National Committee will be mentored and supervised by the WYA Asia Pacific Regional Director, Mary Imbong, and Director of Operations, Joyce Cedeño — both of whom also hail from the Philippines.

WYA is dedicated to equip the next generation with the training, tools, and support necessary to promote person-centered initiatives, encourage solidarity among youth, and enrich culture. We are convinced that our young leaders can do just that.

Congratulations to our newly-appointed officers!

Interested in opening a WYA National Committee in Asia Pacific? Send an email to and be ready to open a meaningful chapter in your life.