Calling all Members: Help North America win the Track A Training Challenge!

The new condensed Training Set “Track A” is hot off the presses, and WYA International has issued us a challenge: 

   Which region can have the most members complete this certification by October 1, 2006?

                                                   We need you on board!

Download Track A from your inbox, grab a cold glass of lemonade, and lounge under your favorite shade tree with some great writers and some fascinating stories from the United Nations.

Track A is a required first step to international conference participation, regional and international internships, advocacy work and special projects.  It contains a selection of documents from all four WYA Training Sets, including philosophical background on human dignity and examples of diplomacy from our work at various UN conferences.

Contact us today at for the texts. We’ll also send a 3-month schedule for reading and submitting responses. Members who complete this introductory training can become active in their regional WYA committees.