CAMPAIGN of 1000 – It’s your turn!

We are happy to announce the beginning of The Campaign of 1000: a new WYA Initiative part of the Growth and Development Fund that will aim to find 1000 new donors giving US $250 annually for the Alliance’s work on the regional level. The alliance has five regional offices around the world in Nairobi for Africa, in Manila for Asia Pacific, in Brussels, for Europe, in Mexico City for Latin America and in New York for North America. Your support of the work of the Alliance’s regions is critical to the WYA. Together can make a big difference in building sustainability, and achieving growth.

Please consider a making a donation towards our Campaign of US $250 or Canadian equivalent. All Checks should be  made out to

World Youth Alliance
and can be sent to World Youth Alliance International, 228 East 71st Street, New York NY 10021. The WYA is a registered Charity in the United States and Canada and we will send you an official receipt for your gift. For more information or to get involved please contact Maria Grizzetti, Director of Development for WYA International at, or at 212.585.0757. Join!