Carissa Tinley Selected as Acting Director of WYA North America

Staff_carissaThe World Youth Alliance (WYA) is pleased to announce the selection of Carissa Tinley as the new Acting Director of WYA North America. Carissa signed the WYA Charter in October of 2014.

Prior to becoming a staff member, Carissa joined the WYA North America office as a regional intern for six months working on different projects including the 2015 International Summer Camp, during which she was a counselor, and the 2015 WYA North America Emerging Leaders Conference, which brought over sixty young leaders from across the region and inspired many to begin Track A Training, start Chapters, and apply for regional internships. Additionally, Carissa worked on the Chapter Kit, which has facilitated the growth of Chapters across the region, and is on her way to becoming trained as a FEMM Teacher.

On breaks between internship batches, Carissa led two school tours at universities and high schools across Texas, as a result of which, there are over 600 new WYA members who are eager to become active in Chapters, Track A, Summer Camp and internships.

Prior to her work with WYA, Carissa held internships with a disability law firm and a youth leadership organization. She plans to attend law school in the future, and eventually advocate for human dignity in the legal sphere.

Carissa believes that WYA’s mission is inspiring because it is true, and strives to show it to others in everything she does. She hopes that she will be able to reach even more young people in this new role, so that they too may live out WYA’s mission.

Carissa will officially begin leading WYANA as its new Acting Director in February, 2016.