Celebrate World Population Day 2015 with us!


The United Nations has been celebrating World Population Day since the day that the global population count hit 5 billion on July 11, 1987. This UN day marks the recognition of the opportunities and challenges that are offered by a growing population.

Sustainable Development: The Challenge of a Growing Population

Sustainable development concerns have been linked directly to population trends and dynamics through various UN conferences such as the Earth Summit in Rio and the International Conference on Population and Development. It has been a concern that the earth’s resources would not be able to meet the demands of our growing population. In the past, some thought that population control policies were the solution to this dilemma.

WYA believes that population control cannot be the solution to creating a truly sustainable world. Case studies in our white paper have shown that population control policies have led to human rights abuse and further demographic problems. WYA proposes that nations should invest in their human capital by promoting policies that allow for human flourishing, creativity and innovation.

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WYA’s Work at the UN

WYA has been monitoring the negotiations at the UN. By the end of this year, the Millennium Development Goals will be replaced by the new Sustainable Development Goals. You may read about the progress of these negotiations here.

Read WYA’s Report on UN Negotiations

Make Yourself Count

Today, July 11, 2015, WYA invites you to celebrate the opportunities of our growing population. We need to convince our leaders that investing in young people will be worth their effort. As the younger generation of our global family, share with us the many ways that you have contributed to your community. Our iCount Campaign features the endeavours of our members as they strive to create a culture that celebrates life and allows for authentic development to shape a sustainable world.

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