Christine Jeanne Violago


For Christine, having passion is always the key. She believes that what sets achievers and leaders apart is there decision to be involve and be active, their ability to grasp opportunities, take risks and learn from past mistakes. Her experience as an elected Student Council Officer in De La Salle University developed her sense of professionalism as well as cooperation. She considers herself a team player. She has always enjoyed activities that involve a lot of people and to prove this she joined the volleyball team in grade school, the soccer team during high school and various student organizations in College.

Christine just loves to travel, meet new people and get exposed to a whole new culture. From taking a tour around Europe, to flying to the Outback or simply driving to a local destination, she makes sure that each is a genuine learning experience. American shows are also her interest. She can not resist watching a series of Prison break, Heroes, Seventh Heaven and even Everwood. It’s not a surprise that you will see her in the theater almost every week catching up on the latest trailer or hottest released movie, her perfect way to relieve stress. A strike of balance is what this girl wants.

What is remarkable about this Christ-centered individual is that she is willing to go that extra mile to get things done and make things possible. Christine thinks that when one works, there is no room for mediocrity only progressiveness. If you ask her now how she views her life so far, she can describe it in one word “Awesome!”