Christmas 2005 Newsletter

2006 Plans

We would like to thank all of you for your interest and involvement during the first 5 years of the European region of WYA. We now invite you to take the next step with us and become more involved with the coming year’s training, projects and events:

Member Training in Brussels (early February), International Solidarity Forum at UN (late March, preference will be given to WYA Committee Members), Committee Member retreat (late April), Fundraiser in Austria (early May), Seminar in Munich (mid-June), Member Training in Brussels (early July), Habitat project in Romania (2 weeks in August), Seminar and Events in Madrid (late September), conference in Warsaw (end of September).

In addition to these events we invite you to set up film nights & book discussion groups in your local area – the WYA book list and a selection of articles and speeches is available from our office.

National Committees and Certified Training

As the WYA expands and requests for our engagement become more numerous, our potential to impact culture and international policy will grow in proportion to the level of training and commitment of our Members. We have now devised a new way to expand our potential throughout Europe, through trained members who work with the regional office within National Committees.

We are now looking to select people for our National Committee (NC) positions. If you are interested in standing or nominating someone for such a position, please contact the WYA-E office. Positions on each NC include Membership Development Officer, Partnerships Officer, Training & Advocacy Officer, Special Projects Officer.

NC Officers and Members will normally commit to attending a Member Training or internship, and undertaking WYA Certified Training. This process involves substantial reading material (divided into 4 Training Sets plus a number of books which are listed within the Training Sets) and submission of written answers. Certified Training ends in a written examination and Members who complete the process will be able to conduct Member Trainings and high-level meetings on behalf of WYA, as well more effectively fulfill their obligations on National Committees. Certified Training is open to all Members showing a substantial level of commitment to the work and ideas of WYA, at the discretion of the Regional Staff.

WYA-E Member Training – February 3rd – 5th 2006

We invite young people from across the continent and especially those interested in Certified Training or Committee positions, to attend our Member Training to be held in Brussels, from Friday evening 3rd February – Sunday afternoon 5th February 2006.

The upcoming Member Training will examine the concept of human dignity and explore its application in contemporary European history, international policy and cultural life. It will give an outline of the United Nations and European Institutions and look in detail at some of the policies and language of these institutions from recent years.

The Training will equip participants to give presentations on current issues related to the WYA Charter and to work effectively in their own fields, using language which engages the culture and is suitable for the international institutions.

For further information and for registration, please contact our office:

World Youth Alliance-Europe

23A Rue Belliard, Box 6; B-1040 Brussels

Tel: 0032 (0) 2 732 76 05

Fax: 0032 (0) 2 732 78 89

With all best wishes for the Christmas season!



Emilia, Phil Hunt, Lucia & Alina

Your WYA Brussels Team