Christopher’s ISF Experience

Throughout my whole experience in participating in the International Solidarity Forum I have been able to acquire a more firm and vivid grasp of the whole concept and principle of the World Youth Alliance. The whole occurrence made me feel the harmony built among different people and cultures which definitely has bridged gaps. I particularly found it amusing and remarkable that all the people that participated in the International Solidarity Forum were all eager to express their perspectives on certain issues and continuously constructed ways in which all would come to agreement.

Indeed the whole gathering in New York City made me sense that each and every one of us in the World Youth Alliance is in this together. I could not help but feel glad that people around the world are readily able to take action and strive for change and awareness throughout the world. I enjoyed the sincerity and the concern each one expressed in pointing out their views in order for the others the have a clear view of where they are coming from. It is just amazing how I learned so much about different cultures from the participants by plainly hearing them out.

I thought all the talks were brilliant and gave an in-depth reality of the trials the world will face if action and awareness don’t take place. The topics that were discussed were essentially significant for they displayed issues that are tackled by each and every culture. The talks weren’t only enlightening but also a reminder of veracity.

On the whole, I enjoyed the company of all the people in the International Solidarity Forum and have been inspired to actively participate in more of the organization’s events. The whole occurrence has aided me in further understanding what the whole organization is about and has definitely brought greater interest for me on youth advocacy definitely making me want to help in any way possible.

Christopher De Vera was an intern at WYA Asia Pacific. He is taking up Development Studies at De La Salle University, Manila. When he cannot finish his food, he gives it to Miko.