Closing Ceremony: The Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region

14595688_1164579593590901_3626686095134464857_nThe World Youth Alliance Middle East held the closing ceremony of The Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region on October 26 at the Radisson, Beirut. Young people have played a key role in the Arab uprisings that have overwhelmed the region since 2011. Four years later, the young people of the region continue to find themselves with no empowerment or support that allows them to take control of their lives and future.

Through this project, the World Youth Alliance was able to empower young leaders in 4 countries of the Arab region (Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan) to play a bigger role in civic and democratic life. This was achieved by building the capacities of young opinion shapers and offering them the necessary resources to connect with other youth leaders in their countries. Through volunteer work and community awareness activities, the emerging leaders of tomorrow worked constructively together to make their communities a better place. These community-based actions positively influenced the perceptions that societies in the region have towards youth in democracy.

14915240_1164567506925443_461479620448262681_nOver the span of two years, we organized a Training of Trainers and two regional forums, 40 national workshops, more than 60 community awareness activities, and contributed to 12,000 hours of volunteering. All the lessons learned were compiled into a guide that supported this new network of 620 “Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region”.

40 workshops were organized during these two years in the following cities: Lebanon: Beirut, Tripoli, Jbeil, Saida, Hasbaya; Tunisia: Tunis, Sousse, Sfax; Morocco: Rabat, Tiflet, Agadir, Ouarzazate; Jordan: Amman, Karak.

14915431_1164564493592411_2890982951330553847_nCommunity Awareness Activities
Our youth leaders worked with several communities (scouts, kids, women, students, vulnerable communities, activists, NGO members) to raise awareness about the main issues in their regions. They tackled topics about human rights, terrorism, environmental crisis and its impact on people’s well-being, women’s political representation, gender equality, domestic violence, the Arab Spring and its consequences, activism and political life, youth empowerment through the arts, women empowerment, child labor, the renovation of public and non-profit spaces, and penal law.

The project focused on demonstrating the positive and constructive role of youth through a total of 12,000 hours of community-based volunteering conducted by the targeted young leaders as a pre-requisite to completing the national workshops and joining the regional network.