Co-host an Emerging Leaders Conference

World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) is opening its doors to universities and organizations who wish to be a co-host of this year’s WYAAP Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) Campus Series.

The ELC is a major annual program hosted by the WYAAP for young individuals to learn about the salient issues of today and to know how to become effective youth leaders who can defend the dignity of every person. Through a variety of talks, workshops, and interactive activities, participants of the ELC have the opportunity to learn from engaging speakers and to build networks and friendships with youth from the Asia Pacific region.

The ELC has been implemented since 2012, covering topics including Sustainable Development, the Family, Health and Education, Environment and Technology, and Migration and Development. Beginning this 2018, the WYAAP ELC is to be implemented on a larger scale, to be co-hosted by different schools, universities, and organizations who wish to bring this platform to their community and share in our capacity to provide integral formation.




2018 Theme | Decoding the Person
This year, the WYAAP ELC series will discuss the convergence of human dignity, holistic personal development, and advancements in technology (i.e. social media, bioethics). It seeks to enlighten youth about topics related to the theme and ignite discussions and reflections on: understanding who we are, making smart decisions that will help lead us toward who we can be, and knowing how to defend our dignity and the dignity of others in an age of social and medical technology.

Deadline for proposals: August 31, 2018 


2019 Theme | For the Common Good
Following this year, the 2019 WYAAP ELC series will tackle the topic of good governance. We will take a look at person-centered policies in the 21st century, discuss what is it that the human person needs in order to live a flourishing life in relation to others, and what structures are necessary to help guide individuals and communities toward the common good.

Deadline for proposals: January 31, 2019


Be part of the series
Fill out the request form below to express your intent in co-hosting an ELC this 2018 and/or 2019.


Invite World Youth Alliance to your area

To bring a WYA representative to speak on the questions of human dignity, human formation, integral development, human rights advocacy, youth engagement, and more, please write a letter of intent to the WYAAP Regional Director, Mary Imbong, at


Testimonials from past ELC delegates

“[The] ELC has given me another reason to fight for different rights of all walks of life.” – Delegate, WYAAP ELC 2017 (Migration & Development)

“I traveled back to my city with so much joy and gratitude with me. Joy, because in three days, I got to know such beautiful people who have a similar passion for leading and being the agents of positive change. Gratitude, because in three days I was given the opportunity to learn so many things. I was given the chance to also be “upgraded” and become a better person than I was before.” – Delegate, WYAAP ELC 2016 (Environment & Population)

“#WYAAPELC2015 has come to an end. But for us delegates, it is just the beginning of being a #DignityDefender. I’ve very happy to be [a] part of this unique experience for giving me the opportunity to meet outstanding people.” – Delegate, WYAAP ELC 2015 (Youth and Education)


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