Conference full of joy and optimism… abortion back on the European salons

SAM_0500A conference suggestively entitled “All of us! Mobilizing for abortion rights” was initiated in the European Parliament on the 5th February 2015 by the radical pro-abortion MEP’s, including Iratxe García Pérez (S&D), Marie Arena (S&D), Urlike Lunacek (Greens), Ernest Urtasun (Greens),  Malin Björk (GUE) and Sophia in’t Veld (ALDE). This new initiative is clearly an assassination attempt on fundamental human rights, particularly on the inviolability of the right to life from conception until natural end and thereby constitutes a denial of the idea of intrinsic human dignity.

The pro-abortion debates usually stress that abortion is a solution of last resort for women in distress, however this conference was organized to put abortion back on the agenda of the European Union and to give it a status of the inherent and fundamental human right. Once again the radical wing of the European authorities puts all its efforts to mobilize forces in order to pull on the surface the issue of abortion before the incoming plenary vote session on the controversial report called Progress on the equality between women and men in the European Union in 2013, which was drafted by Marc Tarabella from the Belgian socialist party and can be referred as a contradiction of what we are used to call family-oriented policy.

logooThe colorful logo designed to promote the abortion event imposes the strong impression of promising and pleasurable subject, although the only color that can adequately describe what was happening behind the door of conference room is black. The abortion proponents seemed not to understand that every time woman decides to abort her unborn child it causes a great loss and tragedy. Irrespective of the views on abortion, the publicizing poster of the campaign that supposes to encourage the audience to share the pro-abortion vision by showing a joyful circle of people, holding hands around the abortion right, rather misses its target.

Luckily, the whole initiative did not go unnoticed by a few pro-life MEP’s from the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, such as Branislav Škripek, Arne Gernicke, Marek Jurek, Peter van Dalen and Beatrix von Storch, who have decided to express their distaste and reluctance in an open letter, underlining that “the circumstances bringing a woman or a couple to this decision, the ending of life itself, are always difficult, emotional and dark” and due to this they made a correspondent, but – maybe still – too delicate suggestion “to promote this event and campaign in a more sober, respectful way“.

Those who consider abortion as an absolute inherent human right or as another contraception technique imply, that human kind is not able to live with accordance to the principles of sexual restraint and responsibility, simultaneously promotes unlimited sexual rights, which leads to the collapse of humanity and causes many adverse consequences in the society. Does the pro-choice movement creates the illusion of freedom? Or maybe it’s us, who are becoming creatures deprived of capacities of thought?