Conference: Is Conscientious objection in danger?

Because of these ‘ethical’ laws (abortion, euthanasia…) that have passed and that are today rediscussed to be extended, World Youth Alliance and Jurivie wanted to look into the current state of conscientious objection. This Tuesday, several lawyers and professionnals came together for a seminar in Brussels.

Francesca Signore (Jurivie) and Andreea Popescu

Legal expert Andreea Popescu, who is also a member of the European Centre for Law and Justice and a former intern at World Youth Alliance, described in detail the precedent set by the European Court of Human Rigths, saying : « Since the Nuremberg Trials, it’s impossible for anybody to follow an order that is obviously unjust. » Conscientous objection is protected in Europe, for individuals as well as for institutions.

Conscientious objection is nevertheless in danger. Several lobbist groups have tried to impose their ethical demands on the rest of society, this is sometimes done by putting quite a bit of pressure on professionals. In light of human rights, Ms. Popescu described how these professionals do keep their freedom to act in good conscience.