Congratulations to the First Batch of Campers for the 2016 International Summer Camp

We are excited to announce the first batch of confirmed campers for the 2016 International Summer Camp! These campers were selected for their previous involvement with World Youth Alliance, outstanding essays, and impressive interviews. This group of 18 campers represents all six regions of WYA, coming from 14 different countries.

With almost 200 applications, there was a wealth of applicants to choose from this year, making decisions extremely difficult. However, we are confident that the campers we have selected will make this camp very successful.

This list does not include campers who have been accepted but have not yet confirmed. Additionally, applications are still open for those who do not need visas, and there is still space in the camp. We are excited to continue reviewing applications, and to welcome more campers to the International Summer Camp!

  • Maria del Milagro Alvarez Guerrero (Argentina)
  • Danilo José Angulo Molina (Colombia)
  • Adam Alexander Ayari (Thailand)
  • Rayan Nicholas Ayari (Thailand)
  • Sarah Chun (Canada)
  • Guilherme Coutinho (Brazil)
  • Anishma Dhakal (Nepal)
  • Eliann Espinosa (Mexico)
  • Colleen Gates (USA)
  • Christian Landry (USA)
  • Hicham Mahmoud-Armenoulitch (Lebanon)
  • Eleonore Marechal (France)
  • Jessica Yael Martinez Jimenez (Mexico)
  • Alexandra Peña Fuentes (Peru)
  • Anna Rybicka (Poland)
  • Amina Sadural (USA)
  • Nicole Salverria (El Salvador)
  • Luca Ioan Sipoteanu (Romania)
  • Alexandra Agana (Philippines)
  • Margaret Hough (USA)