What did you gain from Track A Training?
On June 2nd 2007 we had the first Accreditation session for our Track A trainees in Kenya.  They committed themselves for three month to complete Track A and we asked a few of them what they gained by undergoing the training this is what one of them said.

“Track A training has been quite interesting and challenging. It has given me more insight on the many diverse issues facing humanity in the current world and through its teachings it will assist me make my society a better place to live.

The training gives focus to the daily happenings and addresses the most challenging issues in our society. It is my hope that young people can actually take time to read through these articles and spare time to address the issues within their locality”. Teresa Omina – Kenya

Congratulations to Paul Kiprotich, Teresa Omina, Johnstone Simiyu, Kimone Mwangi and Nashon Nyamolo.