Continuing the WYA revolution: Weronika Janczuk shares her vision, dreams for WYA North America


“Every young person in North America (NA) shares the same needs—the need to understand who we are as human persons, and to be capable of flourishing to the fullness of our own individual capacities as persons,” WYANA’s newest Regional Director Weronika Janczuk shared when asked on her personal vision for the NA region.

“Part of that flourishing includes being pulled into a mission, an opportunity to contribute and to give of one’s self, and so in the next year, my vision for WYA NA requires the starting of mini revolutions where there haven’t been revolutions yet; reawakening an excitement about the capacity to change a culture, to start a fire, to be part of something greater than themselves,” she added.

Prior to working as a North America staff member, Weronika worked for the WYA Foundation as Director of Education leading WYA’s Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC).

“I spent almost two years working on the development of content for WYA’s HDC, which is a beautiful, crucial piece to our mission. It was, however, behind-the-scenes work, and I started to thirst for a chance to share the vision of the person that is at the heart of WYA with people on a more regular basis, and to work hands-on to teach the ideas, to implement our projects on the community level, and to start a whole movement of young people across North America that could and would contribute,” Weronika shared when asked on why she decided to apply for the position.

Aside from HDC, WYA also works closely with its affiliate reproductive health program FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management) to promote authentic women’s health and empowerment.

As the new WYA North America Regional Director Weronika plans to integrate the HDC and FEMM strategy and projects with the activities of the North America members. To fully integrate these new projects, the North America team hopes to build a network of contacts around the region through their upcoming projects and visits.

“Anna Halpine knew this when she started WYA—there’s a difference between an idea and the ability to live it out. WYA’s mission has always been to bring young people together in solidarity, and for the first time we are in a special place to bring people together to implement specific projects that offer solutions of a revolutionary scope, changing the tide in NA entirely when it comes to different debates about the person,” Weronika shares.

During her first week as Director, Weronika visited WYA members and different schools in the Midwest to bring WYA’s mission and share the upcoming projects in the region.

When asked on their future plans in the NA region, Weronika shares that “WYA NA wants to—and needs to!—engage more young people, and so a critical component of the plan for NA in the next year includes identifying persons in different regions of North America [i.e., the Midwest, the East Coast, Western Canada, etc.] who can start regional chapters and offices for us, becoming reference points for our projects regionally. We ask any young people who want to jump on this bandwagon to get in touch with us. NA is a huge territory, and the HQ staff cannot touch every corner alone.”


The online application for the 2016 WYA NA Emerging Leaders Conference is already open. The WYA NA team would love to have each and every single of their members apply for their annual conference this fall. “Part of the conference structure this year includes the brainstorming and workshopping of a project,” Weronika gladly shares when asked on what ELC applicants can watch out for this year’s conference.

Additionally, the WYA North America region is also looking to identifying students at university and high school campuses who want to bring WYA projects and chapters to their schools, as well as young graduates and adults who would like to join onto the mission by doing fellowships. “If you are a mission-driven individual willing to take a risk—the way Anna and the original founding team took a risk 18 years ago—send us an email at,” Weronika adds.

“We are so incredibly grateful for your friendship and generosity. Every single dollar that is given to the organization is translated into WYA work, from maintaining the WYA House to bringing the WYA NA staff to meet new people and share the mission with new young voices—no dollar goes wasted,” Weronika’s message to the WYA members, friends and donors.

“If you’ve not contributed to WYA financially before, but are in a place to consider even a small regular donation, we’d love to hear from you, too. Any growth that WYA will see in the years to come will depend entirely on an ability to put our projects into motion in places that haven’t yet been introduced to them,” she adds.