CTP training in Munich, Germany

From October 30 to November 3, 2018, World Youth Alliance (WYA) Europe Regional Director was invited to Munich by WYA Germany chapter leader Anna Gudenus to support her in training new WYA members.


Sixteen participants from Germany and Austria came together to learn about WYA’s foundational history, the WYA values and mission. Through the Certified Training Program (CTP), participants had a chance to read and discuss complex philosophical, historical, and political explanations of Human Dignity, Freedom, Solidarity, Culture and the History of Ideas.

The CTP was also accompanied by different practical trainings and workshops to develop the skills of the participants. Trainers from WYA Europe held the advocacy workshop with a focus on WYA’s White Paper on Surrogacy.


The certifications are scheduled for the end of November, after which all certified members will be able to work with Anna Gudenus on the upcoming activities for the WYA Germany Chapter, such as a training in the beginning of December and a Project on Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) which will take place from February 14-18 in 2020.