Cultural Night in its 3rd Edition!

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On December 16 2015, World Youth Alliance Middle East’s Interns organized a cultural night at the Brazilian cultural center in Achrafieh, Lebanon. Their mission was to gather international and Lebanese people to expand their horizons and get to know different cultures and historical events that happened and are happening in the world.

The idea behind such initiative is to break the stereotypes created between the borders of race, religion and other variables, in fact, the moderators of the event were representing a microcosm of the world’s nationalities (France, Lebanon and Panama). This event highlights the importance of cultural difference which colors the world with numerous essences.

The director of the Brazilian Center, Ms. Najua Kamel Bazzi, inaugurated the event by a welcome speech explaining the activities provided at the center and their support to our NGO in promoting human dignity and the development of the person. Then, a brief presentation about the history of WYA was given by Elsa, our Lebanese Intern, focusing on the founding of WYA and its current involvement in Lebanon and the world.

Our first activity was performed by two singers, currently enrolled in audio visual studies programs, and committed to singing since their childhood. Singing is a way to vehicle important ideas, mash-up many beats and rhythms from different cultures, and that’s what the talented girls presented.

The main activity of the event was a cultural quiz that maps a lot of themes relevant to six continents. This allowed the audience to enlarge their outlooks and perspectives concerning the history and traditions of countries around the world. Participants were divided into groups and a delegate represented each group in order to maintain a calm and organized way of answering the questions. A lot of people showed their interests and attentions to subjects that weren’t common to their general knowledge, and made them think twice about the questions.

To WYA, culture is important, and this event had to promote this value. Before having a bite together, some people stood up and spoke for their culture by singing in Chinese and Portuguese. A special song was dedicated to one of the interns (Briac) who celebrated his birthday during the event.

At last, everyone mingled around a small buffet of traditional Lebanese dishes representing the Lebanese culinary culture. This is the 3rd cultural gathering organized by WYAME’s Interns for the year of 2015.