Desiree Go

Des first joined World Youth Alliance as an intern for a practicum requirement for school, but fell in love with it shortly after working with the WYA family. Since spring 2005, she has been dedicating a part of her time and effort to the Asia-Pacific office. She was born and raised in Manila, but has always had the ambition of becoming a global denizen. Her passion for traveling has made her even fly solo to the different corners of the world. She got both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Global Politics from the Ateneo de Manila University. She can speak English, Filipino, French and Mandarin and hopes to add Spanish and Japanese in the near future. For now, she volunteers for WAY-AP as co-head of Viviamo! but she plans to have a career related to international relations, development and human rights.

This girl is a sucker for adventure. She’s willing tryout anything new and take risks because she believes that opportunity never knocks twice. Aside from her friends and family, Des finds joy in taking trains and buses, singing her heart out in karaoke, being surrounded by good books and eating mind-bogglingly delicious desserts after meals. Des doesn’t drink milk; which means that she’s never had a bowl of cereal in her whole life. Perhaps it’s one the entries in her things-to-try-before-I-die list.