Dignity Alert! European Parliament Legislation Promoting Eugenics Practices

The World Youth Alliance applauds all attempts to develop public health policies in accordance with the intrinsic dignity of each human being. Public health policies must be person-centered to foster integral and sustainable development.

The "Trakatellis Report" on Rare Diseases (the Report) adopted Amendment 24 on Tuesday, March 31st. This amendment contains wording which promotes the targeting of disabled persons or persons with rare diseases for termination prior to birth through the use of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and other technologies. It ignores the intrinsic worth and value of each person and fosters a historically proven, devastating eugenics mentality.

To see the official Dignity Alert, follow the link to our press web page.

The EPP-ED (Christian Democrats) group, the majority party within the European Parliament, has set the group position on this report on Wednesday, April 15th and decided to vote against amendment 24 but some Member States delegations declare they will still support it. The vote in the Parliament Plenary will take place at the end of April or early May.

  • Please contact your MEP from the EPP-ED group to bring your concerns regarding this Report and convince your Member State delegation to reject Amendment 24.  For further information about this issue, please contact the World Youth Alliance. You will find a list of deputies by country on the EPP-ED website.
  • Forward this Alert to your friends and contacts in the press.
  • If you have any question, please contact Francois Jacob, WYA Regional Director in Europe – at europe@wya.net or +32 (0)2 732 7605

 Now is the time to raise your voice!

Your WYA Europe team.