Dignity Project On Staten Island

On Friday, December 7th, 2012, Constance Visser, one of WYA HQ’s interns, implemented her first dignity project. She organized a day trip to Staten Island to help rebuild a home damaged by hurricane Sandy. 

On October 29th, hurricane Sandy destroyed thousand of houses, mostly in New Jersey and New York states. Among affacted areas, Staten Island was severely harmed and most of houses have been flooded and now have to be rebuilt. Thanks to the association ‘Rebuild Staten Island’, the World Youth Alliance was able to help a family affected by the storm. Jenifer, the house owner, confided us how, in order to protect her kids, she had to leave her house during the storm. The house has been devastated by the water from the basement up to 15 inches in the first floor. She is now bravely struggling with her husband to overcome this ordeal and preserve her family.

Thanks to the participation of nine staff members and interns, the project allowed to remove the damaged wooden floor of the house’s first floor in order to replace it. Thank you to all the volunteers who did not hesitate to give a hand and a little of their sweat!