Donna de Jesus

Donna graduated from Ateneo in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in European Studies, International Relations. She loves learning about other cultures and takes the opportunity to travel and to have a first-hand experience of the many cultures she has learned to love. She loves meeting new people and making new friends. She returned from her internship with WYA in NY and now spends most of her free time at the AP office, and giving Ren and Tam an excuse to take a break to eat and/or chat.

A small person with a big appetite, Donna’s love for food has amazed others. Among the favorites are sinigang (with rice of course), sushi, dimsum, and all seafood. She tries to burn her food intake through surfing, swimming, flamenco, running (more like walking), playing with kids, especially during Viviamo! builds with GK.

She rarely leaves her house without Caisa, her camera, and thus became the unofficial photographer for WYA AP. She loves taking portraits and action shots. One favorite landscape though, is a picture of an untouched beach with white sand and blue skies with a tiny nipa hut on the side – and she can imagine herself retiring there too, with a fresh mango shake in hand, and a perfect tan.