Donna Gonzales

At age 16 I left Manila and studied in an International School in Malaysia. It was as if life for me started then. I was exposed to different cultures that contributed to my own. I was able to assure myself that I was different and there was nothing wrong with that. This experience brought my awareness to a broader world and led me towards International Relations and later on to World Youth Alliance.
I am currently a student in Ateneo de Manila University majoring in European Studies International Relations Track. I am also a mom of a 1 year old boy. He keeps me in my toes all the time and makes me remember my hopes in life. I dream of times when I can have the luxury of endless travels and humanitarian works. Now I want to explore the world with him and make him experience more of what I did when I studied abroad.
“I like to think that I was able to place this big brick wall around me with the purpose of warding off judgment – but oh well I’m not such a great mason after all. I’ve let holes grow just so I can pretty much be left human”

-Donna Gonzales