Dr. Joe Wurtz Pioneers WYA Track A Training Program at Benedictine College


World Youth Alliance (WYA) North America has recently partnered with Benedictine College to conduct Track A training sessions on campus. Dr. Joe Wurtz, the Dean of Students and Executive Director of the Gregorian Fellows, has been leading the weekly Track A sessions with our pioneer group of trainees at Benedictine College. Dr. Wurtz, a committed friend of WYA, has been instrumental in the implementation of this program and has been a dedicated Track A trainer for the students.

WYA’s Certified Training Program, also known as Track A, is the collection of texts that provide the philosophical underpinnings for the mission of WYA. It presents a summary of philosophical, historical, and modern day texts that focus on the dignity of the person and human rights. Those who complete Track A are equipped to articulate and defend the principles of the dignity of the person within the public square. The program is open to all members of the World Youth Alliance, and is a pre-requisite for participation in many of the programs of WYA (internships, specialized conferences, advocacy work).

Through this initiative, two students from the Track A training group, Jordan Canella and Lauren Benzing, will be joining the WYA North America delegation for the International Solidarity Forum this March 23rd-26th at the WYA Headquarters and the United Nations in New York City. We hope that this is a start of a long term and sustainable program at Benedictine College to train more students in Track A and become equipped to defend human dignity in policy and culture.