ELAR Leaders share their testimonials

The World Youth Alliance Middle East with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund has been implementing the Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region project to train young leaders in four Arab countries with the objective to build the capacity of potential young Arab Leaders.

1934978_1006296179419244_2245590105045803235_nLebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan delivered training to more than 450 young participants, along with community awareness activities and volunteering hours. Below are some of their testimonies that we wish to share with you:

Shahed from Jordan said: “The training added a lot of new information about freedom and democracy to my knowledge. Those topics are very important, especially for the youth, where we learn about our dignity.”

14224828_1112012882180906_2946916907502653626_nAlaa from Lebanon said: “My attitude of course changed and we think of others as humans regardless of their race, religion, etc. Being a member of society and interacting with others at work, or in any place, I can develop these skills in daily life.”

13709810_1079328585449336_3243776998691535521_nSabrina from Tunisia said: “I became more tolerant and open towards people coming from different backgrounds! More than that, the notion of  human rights has become wider in my mind. That is to say, it crosses the local borders in my eyes and I now hold more capacity to respect other people’s rights.”

Ahmed from Morocco said: “I am able to better understand what other people need. I am better able to help them and explain to them their rights. I will always respect other’s opinions and ideas.”