Eric Viola

Eric, most commonly known or called “Viola,” is currently an intern in the World Youth Alliance Office in Asia Pacific. He is currently finishing his undergraduate studies in Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University. If time permits him, he will try to finish another major which is in European Studies (International Relations Track).

By the looks of his bald head, he can be compared to a lighthouse as one can always find him from afar in whatever crowd he might be in. He is also the type of guy who is always up for an adventure. He is always ready to conquer any unfamiliar turf and push himself to the limit. As a matter of fact, despite his lack of experience in dancing, he has actually already experienced performing in front of a large audience in a stadium when he was a member of his school’s cheerleading team, the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion. Eventually, this experience ignited his love for dancing. Eric also loves music, particularly relaxing driving music, and when he is alone in his room; he sometimes just picks up the guitar and sings along. Eric also has this passion for everything artistic. He likes appreciating aesthetics, architecture, culinary wonders as well as God’s art, the nature. However, if there’s only one thing that he would have passion for, it would be for cars. In fact, the first drawing he made when he was still a child was a “boxy” car. If he wouldn’t have chosen Economics as his course, he would probably have been taking industrial design for designing cars or architecture now.

Aside from his dream to improve the lives of the Filipino people, Eric has a lot of other dreams, both simple and grand. He dreams to travel to every beautiful place in the Philippines, travel the world, speak at least 5 languages and become a real estate magnate who can provide affordable and decent homes for Filipinos.