Europe Newsletter | Jan-Mar 2016

Jan-Mar 2016

News Highlights from WYA Europe


Launching of a WYA chapter in Angers, France
WYA France-Angers

Caroline, WYA Europe Regional Director, went to Angers to present WYA to the student of IRCOM Institute.

Following the visit of WYA Europe Director in Angers last February, three WYA active members have open a WYA Chapter in Angers and started Certified Training Program discussions. Twenty young students gathered together twice a month to discuss about human dignity and WYA’s mission.

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Mafalda Pereira da Cunha, our new WYAE Consultant
for Culture

Mafalda has been in the field of art history all her life. Graduated in History of Art, she is currently enrolled in a PhD at the University of London on ‘Conceptualism and the problem of beauty within contemporary art production’.

Involved in WYA since 2014, she gave an eye-opening speech at the WYA European Arts Forum last November.

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Conference “Freedom and Responsibility: Youth’s solutions for today’s problems”
WYA Croatia

Last November, WYA Croatia held its annual conference on “Freedom and Responsibility: Youth’s solutions for today’s problems”. 45 young people from Europe participated in this week conference that aimed at familiarizing young people with the decision-making process and to challenge our ideas on freedom and responsibility.

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WYA Austria meets Viktor Frankl
WYA Austria

As part of regular meetings of WYA Austria, a small group of the Chapter went to see the V. Frankl Museum in Vienna. The psychotherapist’s own apartment, turned into a museum, is rich of meaning. “We got to know Viktor Frankl better and, through him, ourselves as well!”

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Pilot version of HDC in Zagreb, Croatia
WYA Croatia

A pilot version of the Human Dignity Curriculum took place in Zagreb last February and March 2016. Focusing on human dignity as key to human flourishing, twelve pupils from 13 and 14 years old took part in these seven workshops that encouraged them to live human excellence.

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WYA releases White Paper on Surrogacy!

Is surrogacy the answer to infertility or a violation of women and children’s rights? Is there a human right to have a child? This paper explains the various types of surrogacy and the difficulty fitting it into existing areas of law. It also raises concerns related to human dignity and human rights.

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Upcoming Events and Programs

Attend the European Arts Forum 2016

WYA Europe is organizing its second edition of the European Arts Forum which will take place in Brussels the 25-27 of June with the theme “Art & Culture: Learning How to See Again”.

Chapters will organize EAF side events in Spring-Summer. For more information, visit our website or contact directly your Chapter.

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WYA’s Certified Training Program (CTP), also known as Track A, is the collection of texts that provide the philosophical underpinnings for the mission of WYA. It presents a summary of philosophical, historical, and modern day texts that focus on the dignity of the person and human rights. Those who complete CTP are equipped to articulate and defend the principles of the dignity of the person within the public square. This training is done online.

If you want to participate in Certified Training Program discussions, contact your Chapter.

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Blog Highlights

Declaration on Youth Policy Solutions

Recognizing the urgent needs of the Croatian youth, WYA Croatia drafted a Declaration on Youth Policy Solutions where young people recognize some issues that should be solved through good policies and smart solutions.

A Fight for a Better Society

In just 93 days, what started as peaceful student demonstrations became a violent revolution. The documentary ‘Winter on Fire’ brings you the story of Ukraine’s fight for freedom from the frontlines of the 2014 uprising.

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