European Members invited to make Track A priority this fall

European Members invited to make Track A priority this fall


The European Region of WYA is inviting its members to sign up to a new online training zone and submit written answers to World Youth Alliance Basic Training Track A over a three month period.  Many European members have expressed their gratitude at having had the chance to participate in one of several Track A overview sessions which have taken place in Brussels, the Netherlands, London, Vienna and Romania throughout 2006. WYA training discussions in Poland, France, Germany and Italy have also stimulated interest in WYA’s certified training programme and many European members have shown a desire to complete the course.


The WYA Basic Training Track A is designed to provide a brief but comprehensive training in the context, ideas and work of the World Youth Alliance. Any WYA member or friend interested in participating in formational activities of WYA must complete this training in order to grasp the purpose, method and direction of our work. These activities may include: WYA internships, participating in United Nations’ commissions and conferences, attending WYA’s International Solidarity Forum and events at the European Institutions.

“The time has come for the best members of the region to renew their commitment to helping the World Youth Alliance grow”, says Emilia Klepacka, Regional Director. “The region can only grow in line with its huge potential, if it develops a strong foundation of well trained members who are well able to articulate the idea of the dignity of the human person and the importance of our work for shaping international policy and culture.  The discipline and commitment required of members completing certified training will also enable us to easily identify future leaders in the region. The Track A programme ensures a high level of training for our National Committee members and future interns. I hope that many European members will respond to the invitation and make use of the new online training zone


The first deadline set for the new emerging European group has been set for November 15th. Before this date, members will be expected to read through the WYA Declarations and a selection of speeches and essays and submit written answers which demonstrate a strong understanding of the core ideas at the heart of WYA’s work. There is no fee for the course and members can expect feedback and comments from the Regional Director after each set deadline.  Interested members are invited to contact the Regional Director if they wish to attend a Track A overview session on 2nd and 3rd November in Brussels. Places are strictly limited.

To enrol in the WYA Training Zone, click here or email