European members: join the ‘Sophia project’!

In 2009, World Youth Alliance celebrates its 10th anniversary through the Decade of Dignity and Development (DDD) international project. WYA Europe invite all members  to join its regional DDD event: the ‘Sophia Project’.

The Sophia projectYouth challenges Education In Europe is a pan-european project for the promotion of integral human development in education policies and culture.

Why: we want to highlight how appropriate education policies and initiatives can lead to the integral development of European youth and reinforce Europe’s project of peace, of a free and just society. WYA will run an appropriate and timely debate in every European countries, on 3 main and recent problematics: ‘values and citizenship’, ’emotional and sexual education’ and ‘ ethics and religion’. 

What: conferences in main EU cities, 1 photograph competition and finally 4 days session of conferences, cultural events and volunteer work in Brussels.

When? from February 2009 to September 2nd – 5th, 2009.

More information will com on WYA Europe blog:

Members from 10 to 30 years old are invited to get in touch with WYA Chapters to join local ‘Sophia teams’ and submit their ideas:

For more information, please contact