European Parliament Seconds Maltese Health Commissioner-designate Tonio Borg

The European Parliament has seconded the nomination of Tonio Borg as Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy with a majority of 381 to 281 against.

In spite of widespread criticism on his personal views, Dr. Borg has earned the European Parliament’s trust. His professional competences and his promise to abide by the Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights as a European Commissioner have convinced the legislature. He promised “to abide by the oath of office" and "to work closely with this House [the European Parliament] towards realising the potential of these policies for a better Europe". He intends to collaborate closely with the Parliament to achieve agreements on the files pending in co-decision.

Dr. Borg plans to “deliver an ambitious proposal to revise the Tobacco Products Directive, a proposal that will provide for a functioning internal market with a high level of health protection, a proposal that will meet the aspirations of European citizens”.

He has also emphasized the importance of ensuring that the weak and the vulnerable have access to special protections and healthcare in a time of economic crisis, in accordance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights. He plans to assist Member States to meet the challenges of rising chronic diseases and an ageing population.

Recovery also depends on rebuilding consumer confidence in the internal market. For consumers, Dr. Borg plans to deliver what he calls the ‘3 Cs’: “ensuring continuity, rebuilding confidence and giving my full commitment to completion of the tasks at hand”. Dr. Borg declared to the Parliament regarding “the people’s portfolio”: “We have the tools. I count on you to help me finish the job.” Today, a majority of MEPs responded positively to this call.

The World Youth Alliance welcomes the EP’s endorsement of the new Commissioner and would like to congratulate Dr. Tonio Borg on his nomination to the post of Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection. The World Youth Alliance also thanks all the MEPs for their support in this campaign to endorse Dr. Borg’s appointment.