European Region focuses on National Committee Strategies

European Region focuses on National Committee Strategies

European National Committee candidates and those undertaking Certified Training were treated to a weekend in a beautiful country house in the Netherlands during which they participated in intensive training discussions and strategic planning. It was an opportunity to bring together some of the most committed World Youth Alliance members in Europe to start constructing a solid base that will be essential in order to significantly impact in culture and policy.

About 20 young people from many of European countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Romania, France and Czech Republic, traveled to Mheer in the Netherlands, with the aim of developing a vision for the European region, to be implemented through a strong National Committee structure. The European Region of WYA has set the training and formation of its best members is its highest priority, recognizing that this ongoing formation is a prerequisite for training others and shaping the culture.

The National Committee members spent time discussing the training materials and Declarations of the World Youth Alliance and the implication of the ideas contained in these Declaration for policy and cultural outreach. The first day provided an in depth examination of the founding story and core ideas and achievements of the World Youth Alliance using materials taken from Track A. Members developed their understanding of WYA’s work and achievements; they worked in groups to break down the WYA Charter and Declarations; various policy areas including HIV/AIDS, Euthanasia, Bioethics, and Human Trafficking were also discussed at length by the whole group.  Members also discussed the cultural affirmation of the dignity of the human person which was at the core of the cultural movements which led to the collapse of totalitarian regimes. These subjects brought about a lot of interesting discussions. The group went on to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside – an afternoon walk provided an excellent opportunity to build up solidarity between committee members who will now go on to work together at a national and regional level.

As a result of such discussions, World Youth Alliance has developed a new Training Program consisting of two ‘Tracks’.  Track A draws upon key materials from all four WYA Training Sets and provides a good overview of the core ideas, reports and policy documents which should be understood by all members who wish to represent WYA or take up a position on a National Committee.  This training will be the basic certification which most members, interns and committee members should complete. Track B involves a detailed study and written analysis of all four Training Sets.  Staff and members who wish to engage more directly in training and policy work will still be required to complete Track B.

The members then focused on their own targets for training and outreach through national level Strategic Planning.  The second day focused on sustainable structures and concrete plans for the future of the region.  The group was split into smaller groups according to their country or area within Europe. Having grasped the purpose, method and direction of the work of World Youth Alliance, the committee members developed plans on internal development, advocacy, training and projects. This strategic plan would be the basis for the initiatives that will take place throughout Europe.

The European Directors of World Youth Alliance would like to invite all young people who wish shape culture and policy in a way in a way which fosters integral human development to become more involved as National Committee members.