Evaluation the Les Choristes Experience

 We just recently had our first Asia-Pacific movie night for the year 2008. I have to be honest, Janina, my co-intern and I did not find it very easy to prepare. We did everything from making online invitations, brainstorming for the program, reviewing the film, finding useful materials, etc. It was definitely a challenge considering that she and I are not only new members, but we are also still finding our way into the world of WYA. I have to say, our experiences here have been interesting so far. We are learning so much from our day-to-day discussions, picking up new ideas, and more importantly having the opportunity to put these discoveries into practice. 

      My two lovely bosses tasked me to lead the discussion of Les Choristes. That was most certainly training grounds for me. The hardest part I think was getting others, our guests; the audience, to express and articulate their opinions and ideas in front of people who they had only recently met. Until a few hours before show time, they hadn’t had any idea of each other. And since I’m being truthful, I wasn’t even too sure of myself either. But all is done and I think Janina and I did a pretty okay job for first timers. 

      We really can’t take any credit for the success of the first film night. Tamara and Renelyn guided us lowly interns throughout the whole preparation. They encouraged us and believed that we would not fail them, or ourselves. We also had a lot of help from different members and friends who contributed in more ways than one. Our audience was great too! We had an awesome crowd. They watched diligently and practically everyone participated in the after-movie sharing. I think many of us took to heart what we learned from the film because there were a few sobs, laughter and later many opinions formed. 

      Personally, what I liked about the film was the illustration of growth and development, the importance of proper communication, and interpretations of success which change every so often. I read somewhere that the real kind of failure is the kind that doesn’t try at all. And if we don’t reach our initial dreams, then along the way, we change and make new ones. Success is about the marks we’ve made, the people we’ve managed to affect and what good we’ve done to be remembered. Success is also self-fulfillment, being able to live with yourself in joy and serenity. It’s about making something out of oneself, achieving what truly matters to an individual and enjoying life for what it is. 

“Hey… I don’t have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I have failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my life. I love my wife. And I wish you my kind of success. “ – Dicky Fox, Jerry Maguire 

Till Shawshank Redemption! 



Jae Pamandanan is an intern at WYA AP. She is an articulate young woman who loves her niece five year old niece Ally (who can’t wait to turn ten and be a member).