Ewa Wrona is selected as 6th WYAE Regional Director of Operations

staff_ewaThe World Youth Alliance (WYA) is pleased to announce the selection of Ewa Wrona as the next WYA Europe Director of Operations. Ewa signed the WYA Charter in January this year.

Prior to becoming a staff member, Ewa joined the WYA Europe office as a regional intern for six months working on different projects including the 2015 WYA Europe Emerging Leaders Conference and the World Down Syndrome campaign at the European Parliament in Strasbourg which engaged more than 150 members of the European Parliament, as well as European Commissioners, politicians, experts and key stakeholders.

Following her Europe internship, Ewa joined the third batch of the WYA International Internship Program at the WYA Headquarters in New York City doing advocacy work through attendance at UN conferences, joining school visits to introduce WYA and organizing different projects including the North America Emerging Leaders Conference and WYA lectures. She also did work with FEMM, WYA’s affiliate women’s health program.

Ewa holds two Master’s Degrees in European Studies and International Economic Relations from the Cracow University of Economics in Poland. She also earned an Engineer’s Degree in Education in Technology and Informatics along with the school practice. In 2013, Ewa undertook an internship at the University of Cambridge where she developed her strong interest in international affairs, including global economy, politics, law and social issues.

Ewa hopes to inspire her fellow young people to become active and responsible catalysts for genuine change.  She believes WYA is a unique organization that makes young people dream bigger and act wiser exhibiting the underlying importance of human dignity.

Ewa will officially begin leading WYAE as its new Regional Director of Operations in January, 2016.