“Eyes Wide Open” Perspectives on Body and Behaviour in Global Health Policy

First Conference in the new Interns’ Apartment

Brussels, 27th June 2007

On Wednesday 27th June, the team of World Youth Alliance Europe invited members and friends to attend a conference at their new interns’ apartment in the centre of Brussels. The discussion, entitled “Eyes Wide Open”, was based around the theme of perception of body and behaviour in global health policy and the three speeches gave an insight into the complex problems:

Allison Herling:  HIV/AIDS & Behaviour Change: Integral responses to curbing the Global HIV Pandemic

Clare James: Hybrids, Tissue Trafficking and the Commercialisation of the Human Body

Susannah Petrie: Human Trafficking – a Violation of the Body

The talks, followed by wine and canapés, were attended by Members of the European Parliament and evoked some heated discussions among members of the audience about the controversial issues raised.

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