Failure to Launch? NA.

American exceptionalism reigns! WYA North America is proving that there is no need to worry about a “failure to launch”.  We are thrilled to announce three new WYA Chapters on college campuses across the United States!


This fall, Rutgers University launched a WYA chapter under the committed leadership of Ralston Hough IV. After joining us at the WYA Headquarters in NYC this spring for our 7 Thursdays discussion series, Ralston is in the process of completing the WYA Certified Training Program and has since taken the reigns at Rutgers, inspiring young leaders to tackle the pressing issues of today from the grounding philosophical starting point of the dignity of the human person.

In Georgia, another fearless and dedicated member, Racquel Downing, has launched a chapter at Georgia State University focusing on providing the WYA Certified Training to its members. Putting the ideas of the training in to action, recognizing the dignity of our self and others, using our freedom for choosing the good, and starting a revolution through small acts of solidarity through friendship with others, the WYA Chapter at Georgia State will be working on various community service projects in and around the community. Save the date! WYA North America staff will be visiting the school on October 29th to speak to the chapter members and student body.

After interning with WYA North America in New York City this summer, Iowa native, Lauren Benzing, is off to the races – steadfastly working to sow a field of dreams – at Benedictine College in Kansas. This fall, Benedictine launched its very own WYA Chapter. The chapter provides the Certified Training Program for all of its members and is currently working on numerous projects to bring FEMM and the HDC (Human Dignity Curriculum) to both campus and the greater Atchison community.

If you’d like to join the ranks of these young leaders working to make a difference on college campuses across North America, join us this November for our annual Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC), on the topic of Ideology, Education, and Health.  We’ll be examining the unexamined history of ideas and the ideologies that go unquestioned in our schools, society and culture. How free and open-minded is our campus culture? Register and join the discussion.