Family Intergroup in the European Parliament

Family Intergroup in the European Parliament


The Members of the European Parliament are currently negotiating the creation of an intergroup on Family to discuss questions concerning the family.

According to its foundational treaties the European Union has no competency to legislate on these issues; responsibility for regulating family life has been given to the Member States. However, the European Union remains involved in a discourse on the family through such issues as maternity leave, working time arrangement working conditions, childcare standards, and gender equality. Therefore, it is necessary to build a broad coalition among different political groups to defend the interests of  European families. 

In order to form an intergroup on a particular topic, a broad spectrum of political support is required from MEPs representing at least three political groups The Family Intergroup has already achieved this aim by gathering support from Ivo Vajgl from from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, Anna Záborská , Csaba Sógor, Marijana Petir and Michaela Sojdrová from the European Peoples Party, and Arne Gericke, Beatrix von Storch and Marek Jurek from the conservatives.

We will continue our work recruiting even more Members of the European Parliament from all political groups to help defend the family from ideologies which promote their own agendas over what families really need. Every political party should be represented as the family concerns every European citizen. Political diversity is crucial for the constitution of the Family Intergroup in order to produce stable national and European policies that will not change after next parliamentary elections. By increasing political diversity within the Family Intergroup, we can prevent one side from dictating policies that will affect the lives of Europeans.

Together with our members and friends we work tirelessly in order to bring families’ real needs to the center of political arena. Help us build  strong political support for families. Contact your local MEPs, remind them about the importance of family-friendly policies at the European Union level, and ask them to become involved in the Family Intergroup in the Parliament.

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