FEMM and the Reproductive Health Research Institute (RHRI) Conducts Medical Management Training for Doctors


WYA believes that authentic development can be achieved when one learns to see the person holistically rather than in parts. WYA’s sister organization, FEMM, has striven to provide a similar holistic view of women’s health by teaching women about their bodies and offering a person-centered approach to medical management in order to achieve the highest possible outcomes for women’s health.

During the last weekend in May, FEMM held a Medical Management (MM) course in NYC, training over 20 doctors from various specialties and 20 additional medical professionals in the RHRI protocols, specifically designed to diagnose and treat health problems in women. These protocols, developed by the RHRI under the direction of Dr. Pilar Vigil, focus on treating the underlying causes of hormonal dysfunction and other reproductive disorders.

RHRI standardized medical protocols are based on decades of research in reproductive endocrinology and fertility. Dr. Vigil has demonstrated that hormonal imbalance may present with various symptoms, many of which can be recognized by women with knowledge of their own cycles.

Understanding the role that hormones play in women’s health is crucial to understanding the variety of endocrine disorders.  Until now, a common response to many gynecologic problems has been to suppress the symptoms. While hormonal suppression may relieve some symptoms, it will not address the underlying problem, which often worsens in the absence of treatment.

FEMM provides comprehensive treatment options to help women recover optimal hormonal and overall health.

The doctors attending the MM training spent two days with Dr. Vigil, learning the process of differentially diagnosing and treating hormonal imbalances within the context of changing ovarian activity throughout a woman’s lifetime.  Case studies equipped the doctors to begin to provide the various treatment protocols, and already these protocols are being implemented in several medical practices.

FEMM and RHRI will be hosting another Medical Management training for medical providers on November 7-8, 2015, in Columbus, Ohio. Interested Medical professionals are welcome to attend.

More information can be found at www.femmhealth.org or by contacting education@femmhealth.org.