Fight Cancer with a Smile

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On December 17, 2015, World Youth Alliance Middle East organized an animated day at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital to help child patients fight cancer with a smile. Three interns with the help of a theatre producer, brought the holiday joy and cheer to the children and their parents.

While introducing themselves, they also wanted to involve the children in getting to know them as actors in civil society and as interns at WYA. For the children, WYA became a platform of dynamic activities that were different from the usual routine of treatments. The event’s main goal was to allow the children to express their thoughts through handmade decorations. WYA believes that arts and crafts are one of the basic and fundamental activities to human development, potentially sculpting the vision of art in a constructive approach.

Most of the time, the interns were helping the kids in decorating their masks with all the decoration provided: glowing stars, stuffed cotton balls, sport stickers, colorful feathers and much more. The materials were used to unleash the children’s creativity in shaping their masks. In the beginning, the kids were hesitant and shy, not knowing what to do and how to use these materials.

The interns were astonished by the beautiful work that was done. From Rio de Janeiro’s carnaval masks to the masquerade classical ball masks, the kids outdid themselves. They started to let their imagination take over.

At the end, cakes and juices were served to the parents and their children as a closing process of the event. The WYA interns admired the smiles of the children, endlessly fighting their diseases by celebrating life as it is. This lesson taught them to appreciate the human person behind the disease.