Film Review: Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond

“T.I.A…This Is Africa”.  No other film has come close to scriptwriter Charles Leavitt’s portrayal of the daily challenges people face in West Africa. Particularly set in the Republic of Sierra Leone, the film boasts of a pseudo-biographical plot and true to life characters and situations. Whereas credit for brilliant execution of the film goes to film director Edward Zwick and his crew for managing to leave a lasting impression on their audience as well.

In this film, a diamond smuggler, an African father, and an American journalist discover the key roles they play in a war-torn country plagued with human rights violations and at the same time, learn just how valuable human life really is. Strong emotions, many lessons about life, and much understanding on the reality of human conditions in Africa accompany the film Blood Diamond.

The film also highlights how diamond cartels, other related businesses, and its consumers play a highly sensitive role in world politics and in the development crisis that West Africa continues to face. It shows how human lives, morals, and decisions become fallible because of greed, desperation, and desire. It also shows how, in spite of this, there is still hope left for Africa as long as there are people who still believe in making the world a better place for humanity.

Michelle Krystle Lin is an intern at the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific. She is a student at the College of St. Benilde, about to graduate with a degree in Diplomacy and Consular Affairs. She wears the coolest, black, flats to the office.