First Arab Emerging Leaders Forum

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The World Youth Alliance-Middle East regional office organized the first Arab Emerging Leaders Forum which was held in Beirut for two consecutive days on February 28 and March 01, 2015 as part of the UNDEF’s Project “ Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region”.

The purpose of the two days Arab Emerging Leaders Forum was to gather 60 youngsters from the region to share their challenges and success stories on the role of the youth in democracy and freedom in the post Arab Spring period.

On the first day, Dr. Darina Saliba, a law expert, engaged the participants in a discussion on democracy and freedom in the post Arab Spring period. Afterwards, the participants were divided into groups according to their country of origin to highlight and share their national experiences in their role in promoting freedom and democracy. The group representatives who facilitated the sessions and conducted the discussions with the other countries were Hareth Tarawneh and Reem Abdel Hadi from Jordan, Mehdi Harmouch and Sarah Moussaoui from Morocco, Marwan Abdallah from Lebanon, and Emir Sfaxi from Tunisia.

On the second day, a mock simulation was held by our 2 experts from World Youth Alliance, the Regional Director of North America Clare Halpine and the Director of Education Weronika Janczuk. The participants were divided into several groups of countries to negotiate and defend the Draft presented by CSW Bureau on the status of women in accordance to their designated country or region. The mock simulation was a concrete example on the international diplomacy.
The second Arab Emerging Leaders Forum will take place by the end of the year.