First Furaha Afrika Camp Successful!

The first camp, Furaha Afrika Camp, organised by WYA Africa was held from Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th December 2014. The camp is called Furaha Afrika Camp, which is Swahili for “Happy Africa Camp”. It indeed was a happy camp. In Africa, it is always hakuna matata, no worries.

We decided that it was time to have an annual event tailored for teenagers, ages 15 to 19. The camp is a remarkable training opportunity for our young people, to grow in the ideas that inform our work at the World Youth Alliance, in a very relaxed and fun camp atmosphere.

We had campers from Kenya and Rwanda with a series of get-togethers and talks on Drugs, Purity, Friendship, The Meaning of Life, in addition to having discussions on the WYA History, Human Dignity, and Freedom. We had daily film screenings and a talent night on the eve of departure. We had a real bonfire, as we roasted marshmallows. Everyone enjoyed the evening sports, with few waking up for the scheduled morning jog. We concluded by a tour of the United Nations Office at Nairobi in Kenya.

We especially thank all our guests particularly, Miss Najma Duale, Cecil Abunga, Muhoya Ngatia of Strathmore University for a great and interactive presentation on Purity and Chastity together with Life at University. In addition, were Evelyne Wagema and Georgina Sande on Friendship and Chris Lyimo who gave a very personal and interactive get together on Drugs. Thank you all for making time to come speak to us at the camp.

We thank all the campers who came; we sure will keep in touch, not just through WhatsApp. We look forward to seeing you again to an even bigger camp in 2015. Especial thanks go to all the parents and guardians who sacrificed to allow their children to come for the camp. Our beloved interns at WYA Africa did a formidable job. The hosts at CORAT Africa, Nairobi, sure made us feel at home. Unfortunately, it proved a very short four residential days for all of us.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a joyful 2015. For any inquiries, reach us through