First International Youth Conference – Africa

To be held on 9th to 11th February, 2006
At Jumuia Conference Center Limuru, Kenya

Theme: Joining young people for poverty reduction and peace in Africa.


There has been growing recognition in the last decade of the need for society’s involvement in the development process. More recently, there is a clearer understanding that participation in capacity building within particular sectors of the society is required in order for these sectors to grow fully and benefit from the development process.  Nowhere is this clearer than in the young people in the African countries.

The World Youth Alliance is a global coalition of young people, a youth organization committed to promoting the dignity of the human person at the international level and building solidarity among youth from developed and developing countries.  The message of the Alliance inspires young people to discover their potential and use this to find ways of building free and just societies.  It brings together young people, in solidarity, to address various issues and concerns affecting their communities through the sharing of experiences.  The best part of it all is that it makes young people engage in thought provoking discussions that help them establish the best approach that provides for the integral development of the human person and encourages mutual respect in their society.  We encourage all our members and those who support our work to affirm this dignity and to give it effect in public life at all levels.

Africa as a continent is full of potential.  Despite many challenges faced, young people are searching for truth and solutions. These solutions lie within us; all we have to do is put them together and implement them.  This conference seeks to provide a forum that will enhance the voices of young people and empower them to discuss effective ideas and efforts to combat the challenges of poverty and war in Africa’s development.

Join us for this special occasion.

Conference Details

1. Who can attend the Conference?
Youth leaders, students and young people from any part of the world interested in advancing development and peace, and enhancing solidarity in the African Continent and the whole World.

2. What are the requirements?

  • All interested members have to fill in the World Youth Alliance – Africa Conference Registration Form attached.  Completed forms must be submitted by 6th January, 2006 to or

  • Once your application is received, an invitation letter will be sent together with an information packet and some articles to read in preparation for the conference.

  • All participants will be responsible for their own airfare.  Please start fundraising now to avoid a last minute rush.

  • The World Youth Alliance will offer food and accommodation for international participants from the evening of 8th February to the morning of 12th February 2006.  Those who wish to arrive before or leave after the scheduled dates will be responsible for the expenses.

3. What other activities can one participate in?

Essay Writing Contest!

Some of the world’s poorest countries are found in Africa and especially the Sub-Saharan region where majority of the people live below the poverty level.  These extreme poverty levels are a result of social, geographical and historical factors among others.

Africa has a lot of potential in terms of resources and creation of wealth.  However, it faces great challenges like poor leadership, outbreak of diseases and high levels of illiteracy.  The driving force behind development is the will to improve, backed by a sufficient labor force, which is abundant in Africa. The highest percentage of the African people is the youth and with this comes the need for their participation in development issues.

World Youth Alliance – Africa is giving you the opportunity to make a contribution towards the eradication of poverty and the enhancing of peace in Africa.  You can do this by writing an essay that does not exceed 800 words guided by the underlying question.

Share your thoughts by discussing the idea that poor leadership, diseases, and violation of human dignity are the greatest hurdles African countries have to over come in the alleviation of poverty.

The winning essays will be posted on our web site and then discussed at a round table discussion during the International Youth Conference on 9th February, 2006 and will be posted on our website.

The deadline for the submissions of the essays is 5th December, 2005.

Culture of Life Events

Culture of life events are a lived encounter of the ideas of the Alliance which create awareness on the dignity of the human person by having members of the region engage in real life everyday experiences and in social activities.  Participants are requested to prepare songs and dances from their regions to be presented during the Cultural Night.  You are also encouraged to carry appropriate sports attire for various sports activities that will be on offer.

This is a good chance for us to share our culture !!

For more information please contact:

World Youth Alliance-Africa
P.O Box 5391- 00506

Tel: 254-20-250-754
Cell phone:  254-720-729-939 or

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1st International Youth Conference Registration Form