Flourish: Action Poured Into One’s Passion

March 3, 2021, Manila, Philippines – The World Youth Alliance – PAREF Woodrose Chapter concluded their weekly Flourish talks last March 3, 2021.

Flourish was a three-day series with each talk focusing on how flourishing one’s passions help themselves and others grow. It aimed to inspire and motivate the WYA PAREF Woodrose Chapter members to rekindle their passions, especially in times of uncertainty.

The series kicked off on February 10, 2021. The first set of speakers was Rhicki Bermudez, who shared experiences as a former WYAAP intern and encouraged the WYA PAREF Woodrose members to channel their passions through acts of service. Afterwards, a student of Woodrose and owner of her handcrafted anklet and bracelet business, Habi Philippines, Patti Fermin, taught everyone not to be friends with fear while pursuing their passions.

The second day was held on February 17, 2021. It featured Daniela Pedrosa, a Woodrose student and board member of the non-profit organization, Kids for Kids. Daniela gave several tips on how anyone can get involved with helping the community as early as now. After Daniela came Yshi David, another Woodrose student and owner of her slow-fashion brand, Angelyna. Yshi enlightened the members to do something productive not only for themselves but also for those around them. Members found their discussions motivating as they witnessed different forms of achievement from fellow Woodrose students.

The series concluded on March 3, 2021. The two final speakers were Woodrose alumnae, experienced in the field of media and marketing. The first was Erika Canoy-Sanchez, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of RMN Networks Marketing & Media Ventures. Erika discussed how one’s passions must be anchored on a purpose for one to continue pursuing them in the future. Last was Lexi Schulze, a news anchor on ANC (The ABS-CBN News Channel). Lexi assured the members of WYA PAREF Woodrose that people are not limited to a single passion. Both speakers encouraged members that it is through their passion and profession that they can become better versions of themselves.

After receiving feedback from all the members, it’s great to say that the speakers have successfully raised the spirits of everyone present. They provided memorable insights into how one can continue to thrive even during difficult times. These learnings will surely help everyone in the PAREF Woodrose Chapter become a better WYA member and leader see the opportunities this organization holds as ways for them to hone their passion and work for a world wherein everyone can recognize human dignity and aim to flourish as a society.

This article was written by WYA PAREF Woodrose Chapter leader Nadine Medina.

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