For the Books: NY Interns Mark Successful Project

MANHATTAN, NY – Last November 19, the WYA New York internship batch for Fall 2019 dedicated their Dignity Project to C.S. Lewis’ Men Without Chests (a reading from the Certified Training Program). As a tribute to the lesson shared in Lewis’ text on allowing men to recognize and educate their emotions, the group celebrated International Men’s Day by distributing custom made bookmarks in public places within Manhattan.


Around Tuesday afternoon, the WYA Fall interns went to the New York Public Library to give out their home-made bookmarks with 10 different quotations that they collectively researched. The interns’ then headed to the King’s College to attend a talk and distribute the rest of the bookmarks they had made. This was part of the interns’ Dignity Project, a voluntary initiative organized by each internship batch, in order to promote the value of men as human beings on their special day.