Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On Membership

Q: How can I become a member of the World Youth Alliance?

A: Members are young people who agree to the World Youth Alliance Charter and are 10 to 29 years of age. (Once a member turns 30, he/she moves into the Friends of the Alliance category.) If you fulfill these two requirements, sign up online at or contact the regional office and request for a membership form.

Q: What do members do?

A: Charter members commit to promoting the dignity of the human person in their everyday lives. Some  members become more involved with the organization and volunteer a little more of their time. A number are involved as committee members; some even participate in our regional and international activities such as the United Nations Commissions and the International Solidarity Forum; others become involved in our human-centered development programs like Viviamo! Habitat. There are still some members who are involved in everything too!

Q: What is a committee member?

A: Committee members are members on track (Track A or B) or accredited members who have been invited to join the national and regional committee. Committee members commit one year of volunteer work and are given responsibilities associated with a regional committee (such as membership or training) or a project. The option to continue involvement is discussed at the end of the year during the evaluation period.

On Training and Accreditation

Q: How does the Members on Track training program work?

A: The Members on Track training program is a module-based training program broken down into two tracks. Track A is the general training program, while B is more policy-intensive. Track A is recommended for members who like to understand the basic concepts better and become more involved in the Alliance. We encourage members who would like to be more active in the international institutions or in community work to go through Track B training.

In the program, members go through a module of materials related to the track they choose. The materials are broken down into subsets and each subset corresponds to a list of questions. These questions must be answered and submitted to the regional office. Due to the nature of the program, the trainee sets his/her own timetable. Submission then of subset answers is dependent on the agreed timetable between the trainee and the Training Program Head. The due date for answers is the 15th of every month. Feedback is given within two to three weeks of submission.

For example: My training timetable

            Answers                       Deadline

            Answers subset 1            15 January

            Answers subset 2            15 February

            Answers subset 3            15 March

To complement the independent study aspect of the program, trainees are assigned a learning team. A learning team is composed of three to four WYA members who regularly meet to discuss and unpack the concept in the materials.

The last step in training is the Accreditation Session. A one-day session, concepts are reviewed with other members. The session is facilitated by staff members of the regional and possibly, international office. Once a trainee goes through the session and fulfills all the requirements, he/she is considered an accredited member of the World Youth Alliance.

Q: What are the benefits of being an Accredited Member?

A: Accreditation allows members to take on more responsibilities and participate in more activities of the Alliance. Accredited members can become part of the Regional Committees and participate in regional and international conferences too! In some cases, accredited members also run information session for the World Youth Alliance.

Q: How much does it cost to enroll in the training program?

A: World Youth Alliance only charges a fee for the materials and the accreditation session. If the trainee chooses to procure a hard copy of the modules, he/she may purchase these at the regional office for a very minimal fee. The cost of accreditation is PhP 1,500 which includes the kit and materials plus meals for the day.

Q: Are there other forms of training?

A: Yes, there are. The World Youth Alliance holds the International Solidarity Forum, a training conference for members from the different regions in New York every year. The past training conferences have had HIV/AIDS, Women and Good Governance as themes. WYA also offers internships in its regional and international offices. Internships are three months in length. Accepted candidates are given the opportunity to lead projects or provide assistance to one. Track A accreditation is required for International internships.

Q: How do I start training then?

A: Just contact the regional office today via email at or telfax 632 4330715 and ask for a certified training application form.

On Viviamo!

Q: What is Viviamo?

A: An Italian word that means “We live!”, Viviamo is the World Youth Alliance’s program that focuses on human-centered development programs, i.e. programs that promote the dignity of the human person in the arena of development. For 2006, Viviamo celebrates the Habitat agenda through regional partnerships. In the Asia Pacific region, WYAAP has been working with Gawad Kalinga on restoring the dignity of the person by transforming slums into vibrant and beautiful communities. WYAAP members and friends have been actively assisting in physical community building and community-based program participation.

For more information on Gawad Kalinga, go to

On participation in the United Nations Commissions and the International Solidarity Forum

Q: How can I participate in the UN Commissions or the International Solidarity Forum?

A: You may participate in the UN Commissions and the ISF by becoming a member on track of the World Youth Alliance. Contact the office today and ask for a certified training application form. For information on the training program, please see point above.

If you are already a member on track, please contact the regional office and ask for the UN Commissions and/or ISF application form.