Frisbee and Good Governance: WYA Africa highlighted on Ultimate Blog

Excerpt from: Five Ultimate Blog "JABULANI AND SPIRIT OF THE GAME



June 30th, 2010 – post by Cara 

Mary Halpine works with an NGO called World Youth Alliance (WYA) which works to “promote the dignity of the person.” She went to a conference in Kenya last summer, where the participants learned SotG and used it to “incorporate good governance into their lives and nations, while having fun.” Her conference brought 60-some people from 10 African countries together to talk about the importance of Peace and the responsibility that comes with it (is anyone not a fan of Peace? Psh, no.) and also to play three days of Ultimate.

Mary called the games they played “a testament to each player understanding and appreciating the dignity of every person in their game play:” players played competitively, made teams of equal men and women, a challenge in African countries where traditional gender roles are still very strong, and even called fouls on themselves, which is even taking SotG further than most players do.

I think that’s a clear testament to the virtues of Spirit of the Game that shows how it brings people together, even outside the Ultimate community. Thanks so much, Mary!


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