Get to know your new WYAAP Regional Director!

Miko Superable is the 6th WYA Asia Pacific (WYAAP) Regional Director (RD). Born and raised in Manila, Philippines where the WYAAP headquarters is located, Miko first encountered WYA in 2014 after encountering the WYA Manhattan International Film Festival poster in his school bulletin board. Months later, he signed up for the 2014 WYAAP Summer Camp, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Beyond my dream to serve WYA, I knew the role would hone my leadership potential in ways that wouldn’t anywhere else” – on what made him accept the role of Regional Director


1. What were your fondest memories as a WYA volunteer?

“There are literally too many. Enough to write a memoir! But I have to say, even after years of volunteering, my fondest memory would still be as camper in 2015. That camp was when I first learned about what dignity meant for me and for the world; And it was that camp where I realized what type of experiences I needed to be having everyday- Experiences where love is solid, and where teamwork knows no bounds. That camp motivated me to do more with WYAAP so that I could impart the same experience to other people”.

2. What were you busy with prior to your role now as RD and what made you apply for the role?

“Before becoming Regional Director of WYAAP, I was double-hatting as strategy manager for Rappler, Inc, a local news site, and as Marketing Director for Upstart Productions Inc, a Philippine Theater Company. Both dealt with marketing, but in very different ways”.

3. What might we catch you doing in your free time?

“In my free time, I love recharging and holing up in my creative cave – Listening to music, writing and thinking about new concepts for albums and shows, watching theater performances and concerts. You’d also find me lounging at a cool cafe somewhere, having my second (or third) coffee”.

4. What music do you listen to?

“I love music. I listen to all types. But regularly, you’ll find me streaming a lot of Pop and RnB. You can squeeze in a few showtunes here and there”.


5. If you had 7 days to do anything you want, what would you do?

“I would travel to another country, write music, watch their movies, see their theater… Activities that would bring me back down to Earth”.

6. Name the top 3 or 5 people who have made the most impact on your WYA experience so far.

“There are a lot! But up top would have to be both my OG mentors – Lord Pomperada, my former regional director (now boss/President) and Lilia Cornelio, my former RDO”.

7. What have you gained from WYA that you probably would not have gotten anywhere else?

“My friends from all around the globe and my great appreciation now for the intricacies of  development and social good work”.


8. Complete this sentence: three years from now, I envision WYAAP to be…

“Three years from now I envision WYAAP to be at the forefront of values education reform in the Philippines and with a chapter in over half the countries in AP, where more movements are being kicked off”.


Welcome to the WYA Staff family, Miko!