Inter–regional Internship: North American Interns in the African Office!

Jambo fellow members! This summer, we have the privilege of being the World Youth Alliance’s first inter-regional interns. As Canadians, we are members of the North American region, and are currently having the time of our lives as interns in the African office in Nairobi! We are here hoping to gain experience and insight into how to continue promoting the dignity of the human person in a world so affected by HIV/AIDS. In Toronto, Canada, from August 13th to 18th, we will be joining our colleagues from New York to form the WYA’s delegation to the XVI International AIDS Conference.

From June 15th-19th, we had the opportunity to join our African director as she met with different groups in and around Kampala, Uganda, introducing the World Youth Alliance, and signing up new members. We met people of all ages, with varying occupations, interests, economic backgrounds and religious affiliations; everyone was eager to join the Alliance. We saw so many people from so many different backgrounds become members; we actually witnessed, first-hand, the momentum that the Alliance is gaining. 253 people signed our charter, many of whom cannot wait to start our training sets! Everywhere we went, we were invited to return, so that we could meet more people, talk more about the Alliance, and tell them more of what we hope to accomplish in Uganda and around the world.

Tara McElroy and Stephanie Sher from Canada