International internship: Kenyan member in New York shares his experiences

Wow! Those who say that New York is the centre of the universe, do not lie. As a first timer to this big city, the experiences of the past few weeks are overwhelming as are the inadvertent insights and ideas. Apart from the transformative internship, life after work is enjoyable. You have too much to do, too much to choose from that one is spoilt for choice.  We have other interns from all over the world, diverse cultures, religions and origins, all in one world with one mission and vision, to promote the DIGNITY of the human person. My first task was to get to understand how they speak. My most memorable moments were when I represented the alliance at the UNGASS review on Aids. It was a good chance to participate in such as international debate. Apart from giving my input I had an opportunity to shake hands with great people especially Mrs. Annan.

I have gone to a couple of dinners and parties and I am always amazed by the diversity of the world’s cultures, as well as the humility and industriousness of the people of the world. We once went to a dance and most of the music was Rock, they dance vigorously. I combined African dancing styles and everybody wanted to learn , I took the lead on the dance floor and it worked excellently. Everybody was like, hey this is cute…I never knew I was such a good dancer till I danced!

Our ancestors were right when they said travel and learn. It is serious fun interning with the World Youth Alliance and living in New York. When you live the culture of life, you love it. It is cool! They say.

-Hezbon Mogambi from Kenya